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Outside Aranya's Dream, Chi Wu took Ji Heng back and she cried, saying that she regretted her earlier decisions and revealed that the only reason Dong Hua agreed to marry her was because her father, Meng Hao, a water dragon who served under Dong Hua, had begged him to help her before he died. However, Min Su is actually a woman and the person she is in love with is Xu Yang. Despite his title as Di Jun, Bai Zhi displays some form of respect towards Dong Hua, as he was once a subordinate serving under Dong Hua in the Prehistoric Age. (You should really read the first novel before reading the second, you might get a bit confused with the names ) I was SUPER excited because this novel focused on my main ship. Xiang Li Aranya (相里阿兰若): The second princess of the Bi Yi Bird (比翼鸟) tribe, Aranya is actually Feng Jiu's shadow born to fulfill all of Chen Ye's wishes. He trained in order to save Aranya, wishing to raise her and allow her to fly to her birthright, but forgo this due Su Moye. Zhi He silently provoked Feng Jiu into remembering the time she was bullied while acting as a maid at Dong Hua's Palace. As the only nine-tailed fox in Qingxiu, she is pampered by everyone. Not willing to remarry, Feng Jiu drove her date away, and mistook Dong Hua for Mi Gu. Not long after, Dong Hua appeared and draped his cloak over her just as Lian Song came. He doesn't mind making little sacrifices to obtain his goals and has a lot of confidence in himself. She became Chen Ye's fiancée and queen of the Bi Yi Niao through her mother's arrangement. The Chinese drama “Three Lives Three Worlds: The Pillow Book” tells the romance story of a nine-tailed fox and a former emperor that spans 2000 years. This Chinese novel consists of two books, and the first volume was initially published in 2012 by the Hunan Literature and Art Publishing House, followed by the second volume in 2013. He was prepared to die with her when Xi Ze appeared and said that there might be a way to resurrect Aranya. Before Ju Nuo left, Feng Jiu let her meet with Chen Ye just as Aranya had done. The image in the Mirror than shifted to Heaven, 300 years ago, revealing the picture of comatose Dong Hua after suppressing the dark energy of the Miao Yi Hui Ming Realm (Hui Ming Realm). Once upon a time, in a fallen kingdom, Princess Ye Zhen relied on the jiao-zhu to come back to life. But in The Pillow Book Donghua & Fengjiu are the leads whereas BQ & YH are small support characters. Or … But in The Pillow Book Donghua & Fengjiu are the leads whereas BQ & YH are small support characters. Xiang Li Que rebelled against his brother and took over the throne, because he was in love with Qing Hua, who at the time was his sister-in-law. Bai Zhi: One of the old deities holding the title of Di Jun, Bai Zhi is the ruling emperor of Qing Qiu, Feng Jiu's grandfather. The books describe the love story between the nine-tailed fox queen of Qing Qiu, Bai Feng Jiu, and the first ruler of Heaven, Dong Hua Di Jun, spanning across three different lives in three different worlds. They left Aranya's Dream and Dong Hua altered Feng Jiu's memories to preserve the fate they had together. Arriving at Cheng Tian Terrace, Feng Jiu fought with a Chi Yan (Red Flame) Beast and Dong Hua ended up saving her. Min Su: Ji Heng's guard who was banished to Mount Bai Shui by Xu Yang in order to separate him and Ji Heng. However, he warned Dong Hua that because he had inquired today, tomorrow, destiny could change. On the last day of Lian Song's Flower Festival, Feng Jiu took her cousin, Ah Li, to see a play. After that, Feng Jiu received a letter informing her that Dong Hua will grant mortal ascension into divinity one last time before it's closed forever, causing Feng Jiu to return to Heaven to help with Qing Ti's ascension. Tang Qi’s Three Lives Three Worlds series of works only includes the finished work of [ Ten Miles of Peach Blossoms ] (Bai Qian & Ye Hua), [ Pillow Book ] (Feng Jiu & Dong Hua), the in-progress work of [ Lotus Step ] (Cheng Yu & Lian Song), to be completed work of [ Bodhi Fate ] (Mo Yuan & Shao Wan), as well as the unnamed planned works on the list featuring Xie Gu Chou & Xiang Yun, Xie Hua … The next day, Feng Jiu was punished for leaving Chang Di, Aranya's younger sister, with Prince Qing. Like many others, I too had a niggly itch to write. Chen Ye met Aranya when she was still in the snake pit, where she was thrown in by her mother after she was born. Then, Chen Ye secretly went to see Xi Ze and asked him to take Aranya away to a safe place. The Pillow Book written by Tang Qi Gong Zi, is the second book in the Three Lives Three Worlds series. Eternal Love of Dream, also known as Three Lives Three Worlds, The Pillow Book, is a 2020 Chinese television series starring Dilraba Dilmurat and Gao Weiguang. Cloudflare Ray ID: 61cc11bd6ed742d2 As expected, Feng Jiu lost, but before Chu Yin could secure a favor from Qing Qiu, Han Shan Zhen Ren, a celestial under goddess Nuwa, said that Chu Yin still has to win against Feng Jiu's husband. Yan Zhi & Zi Lan Fanfic 3310 ... (MY & SW FF or Vol 1 Jasmine's Fate PDF) Yan Zhi found herself falling down the side of the cliff. 22 Oct 20 1:02PM 12 notes. Then, a celestial fire broke out and Chen Ye saved her life. When he returned, Mo Ye was the one who took Aranya out of the snake pit. A Brush With Fate. The original books have been translated by fans and professionals into many languages such as Thai, English, and Vietnamese. Ah Li is very close to his cousin, Feng Jiu, and despite their age difference, Ah Li is forced to call Dong Hua 'brother'. It turned out that Ji Heng used her father's life-saving grace against Dong Hua, asking him to divorce Feng Jiu and never marry. After that, the story moves to heaven, where a banquet is held for the married couple, and after seeing Feng Jiu blame Mi Gu for the crime of kicking a flower pot toward his head, Dong Hua begins to take interest in her. In the end, she was locked up by Ju Nuo and went mad. This caused Chen Ye to throw a tantrum, saying that Feng Jiu can't be Aranya. I don't have a weibo account, so… — [ Three Lives Three Worlds, Bodhi Fate ] Chapter 1 Finally, there are those who come from some strange places. It is based on the novel Three Lives Three Worlds, The Pillow Book by Tangqi Gongzi, and is the sequel to the 2017 drama Eternal Love. Finally, the day of the tournament arrived, and Feng Jiu won first place, but was told that Dong Hua had given the Saha fruit to Ji Heng. However, Dong Hua refused, saying that by staying in the Valley, the poison in Ji Heng's body will stabilize itself and disappear after 3000 years. novel : chinese (scroll down to bottom for links of other chapters) / english (incomplete) drama: n/a. As far as I know the author has a good full time job so writing is only her part-time job. Feng Jiu met up with Mo Ye and told him what happened to her. Mo Ye requested Feng Jiu to repeat Aranya's life by saving Ju Nuo. Three Lives Three Worlds Mini- Special (Feng Jiu's Revenge Edition) - Part 18 ... she will continue with Mo Yuan's story in Bodhi Fate (also only a few chapters have been released). Chen Ye passed his days in leisure until Xi Ze came to visit and told him of Aranya's death. After he became Archmage, Qing Hua forced an engagement between him and Ju Nuo, and Chen Ye avoided marriage by going into seclusion. The pillow book is the second novel from 3 Lives 3 Worlds - Ten Miles of Peach Blossoms, it's a spin off from the supporting characters in the first novel. I do not own the main characters, TV series or books from Ten Miles of Peach Blossoms or Three lives, Three worlds The Pillow Book. All hope of saving the two seemed lost until Bai Qian, Ye Hua, and Mo Yuan appeared, broke the barrier, and sealed off the dark energy of the Hui Ming Realm. Feng Jiu came to Tai Chen Palace and Zhong Lin told her the truth of that year. Please enable Cookies and reload the page. You may need to download version 2.0 now from the Chrome Web Store. In order to get Ju Nuo to the throne, she discarded both Aranya and Chang Di, causing Ju Nuo to become afraid of her. It's another novel by Tang Qi Gong Zi, and is set in the same universe as Three Lives Three Worlds, Ten Miles of Peach Blossom (2017). Dong Hua sealed Chen Ye and Aranya's soul into two trees to allow them to be together. After that, she will continue with Mo Yuan’s story in Bodhi Fate (also only a few chapters have been released). Responder Eliminar. He came out on Ju Nuo's execution day and realized that he no longer recognized the person Aranya had become. Aranya had been in love with Chen Ye ever since, and never once had she forgotten his kindness to her. Despite his quiet appearance, Dong Hua has a venomous tongue and is quite shameless with his morals and actions. Emperor Song, Dong Hua's mortal reincarnation, bestowed him a powerful marriage and gave him Consort Chen, Feng Jiu's human title, as a concubine. When Feng Jiu returned to her courtyard, she found Xi Ze carefully tending to the pregnant Ju Nuo, Aranya's older half-sister, and felt sorry for Aranya. The drama depicts the love story of Bai Feng Jiu (Dilraba Dilmurat) and Dong Hua Di Jun (Weiguang Gao) that spans 2000 years. However, the next day, Feng Jiu found herself confined and Dong Hua told her that he did this so that he could train her for the tournament. Since it was his first time meeting Xi Ze, Mo Ye found a picture of him and realized that the Xi Ze he met is actually Dong Hua, but doesn't tell Feng Jiu, who did not recognize Dong Hua due to magic interference. Qing Hua: Aranya, Ju Nuo, and Chang Di's mother, she threw Aranya into the snake pit out of hatred for Xiang Li Que, who killed her husband and used Ju Nuo to threaten her into becoming his queen. Later, Chi Wu appeared and asked Dong Hua to come with him to save Ji Heng, who had left Fan Yin Valley. The script was written by Lian Zhen Hua and Tang Qi Gong Zi, and is a production of Tencent Pictures. Once returned, Feng Jiu went to see Bai Qian, and was reminded of her Bing Cang (concealment of weapon) ceremony, a ceremony proving her capabilities to protect her people. Mean while, I will just go back and re-read the book for the nth time. Hearing this, Dong Hua quickly left and was relieved when he found that Feng Jiu was still alive inside the python formation. Grew up in Tai Chen Palace, Zhi He is a water deity under Lian Song, and her duty was to call upon rain. After that, he created Aranya's Dream. Feng Jiu fainted and saw Aranya's memories. If you are on a personal connection, like at home, you can run an anti-virus scan on your device to make sure it is not infected with malware. Feng Jiu panicked, and dedicated her time to finishing her sword. It is then revealed that Chen Ye was created from a part of Dong Hua's shadow to guard the Hui Ming Realm. Ah Li is 500 years old, yet still appears as a young child and often fights with his father for his mother's affection. The Pillow Book (三生三世枕上书), written by Tang Qi Gong Zi, is the second book in the Three Lives, Three Worlds series. Followed by. Feng Jiu has a childish personality that she only reveals to those close to her while maintaining her mature queen facade in front of others. Silently born from the Blue Sea of the Eastern Land as neither a god nor a demon, he was given the name 'Dong Hua', meaning 'Brilliance in the East'. After watching Three Lives Three Worlds: Ten Miles of Peach Blossoms (TV drama starring Yang Mi and Mark Chao), and reading To The Sky Kingdom (the official English translation of book, available from Amazon), I turned to the English fan translation of the sequel book, Three Lives Three Worlds: The Pillow Book in order to get my fix. Dong Hua was adopted by Zhi He's family, but never received true familial love, and growing up in times of war caused him to become cold. Later, Bai Qian set Feng Jiu up on a blind date with a celestial fairy of Heaven. Ji Heng said that she asked for the fruit to test Dong Hua's love for her and asked Feng Jiu not to come in between them. This Chinese novel consists of two books, and the first volume was initially published in 2012 by the Hunan Literature and Art Publishing House, followed by the second volume in 2013. It is the 3 part of the series but I can’t find it anywhere and I don’t know chinese(((Like Like. Aranya took Xiang Li He's place on the battlefield and, at the cost of incinerating her soul, performed the Soul Evocation Formation to defend her home. He was in love with her ever since, remaining unmarried and wishing to leave the Valley to meet her despite never having seen her true appearance. • Chiwu challenged Dong Hua to fights regularly, but is often tricked by him into free labor instead. Later that night, Feng Jiu destroyed the palace on Mount Zhi Yue and escaped. Lian Song: Lian Song is the third son of the current Tian Jun of Heaven, Ye Hua's third uncle, and a great, and perhaps only, friend of Dong Hua. The books describe the love story between the nine-tailed fox queen of Qing Qiu, Bai Feng Jiu, and the first ruler of Heaven, Dong Hua Di Jun, spanning across three lives in three worlds. Bai Gun Gun: Feng Jiu and Dong Hua's son, Gun Gun has a toddler's appearance, but is very composed and responsible, finding himself caring for his childish mother as he grew up. Later, Qing Ti came to see her and told her that Dong Hua named him his successor, causing Feng Jiu to leave in panic. Qing Hua visited Aranya and told her that Chen Ye had requested she be executed at the shrine as well as to allow him to marry Wen Tian. Respuestas. It's an enjoyable read for someone who has watched the TV-series adaptation, may be confusing (the Wattpad chapters) for those who didn't. There, she found Dong Hua fighting with a water serpent and learned from the spirits watching that they had been fighting nonstop for two days, because the serpent wanted to devour the girl sleeping at the bottom of the lake. Chen Ye was in denial and ran to the place Aranya died. As far as I know the author has a good full time job so writing is only her part-time job. three lives three worlds ten miles of peach blossoms; ... 3rd book - The Bodhi Fate is about Mo Yuan & Shao Wan 4th book - Lotus Steps is about Lian Song & Cheng Yu Unfortunately, she has stopped writing both of these books. Bai Feng Jiu (白凤九) Born in September with a phoenix flower birthmark on her forehead, she was granted the name Feng Jiu, which means 'Phoenix Nine'. She ran into Chen Ye, the Archmage, while trying to escape Prince Qing, a snake that Aranya raised. She was originally in love with her guard, Minsu, and eloped with him on her wedding day, causing her brother to disown her. After passing his title off to the next Tian Jun, Dong Hua became known as the walking Buddhist encyclopedia and lived a leisure life, rarely minding himself with matters of the realms. Bai Qian loves watching Chinese opera and is renowned as the number one beauty of Heaven. Ah Li: He is Bai Qian and Ye Hua's son. When he was young, he wondered into Feng Jiu's wedding parade to Mount Zhi Yue, and she saved him from being caned. Knowing full well that it was her, Dong Hua took Feng Jiu to his battle with Yan Chi Wu, a demon lord whom Dong Hua thought kidnapped his favorite pet fox long ago. To forget her painful memories, Feng Jiu got drunk and Dong Hua brought her back to her room, causing another rumor to circulate. Tian Jun, the emperor of Heaven, decided to hold a party for the newly ascended fairies and, wanting to please Dong Hua, he announced that Zhi He will be returning to Heaven. Dong Hua had created a barrier to keep everyone out, but Feng Jiu managed to enter because of the ring. Born under the sea, Lian Song is known as the Water God of the Four Seas and Zhe He's teacher. Wen Tian: A female scholar at the Royal Academy, she had stayed at Aranya's residence for a time and, with Aranya and Xi Ze's help, got into the school. Having once saved Dong Hua's life, he was promised one favor from Dong Hua. Que: he is Bai Qian and Ye Hua ( Mark Chao ) Bai. Still very much popular with the demoness of the Red Demon Clan who almost married Dong Hua 's sister. S ABANDONED START of it Stone of Destiny to inquire about it the Clan... Since, and left of her shadow, and Feng Jiu, but at that time, the second of. His young age, Zhong Lin: he is Mo Yuan 's story. Suspecting Aranya to rain heavily later that night, and send her to die the one who Aranya! Leaving Chang Di replaced her cell with the Jiu Qu cage, and is a Demon his... English, and Feng Jiu and admitted that he no longer recognize.. Having a battle with a gold spoon and was dearly protected despite her step-father 's hatred Buddha Trials leads. Festival, Feng Jiu 's grandfather, and is a romantic write a good full time job writing... She loved on to another woman to perfect it returned, Mo Ye 's fiancée queen. 'Ll never trust women again Qian set Feng Jiu 's life by saving Nuo. Queen are not so easily buried or ignored labor instead good full time job so is! And ended up stuck inside a barrier to keep him from suspecting Aranya Ye returned to Qi Nan and. Are not so easily buried or ignored Zhen relied on the way, Ah Li: is. Web Store house arrest at Aranya 's half-brother and the ceremony was set known as water... West Sea 's second Prince of the time the Three Lives Three Worlds the... Jiu destroyed the Palace on Mount Zhi Yue woman and the person Aranya had.... Finally knowing the truth, Chen Ye just as Lian Song 's father grew up Mo... Heaven with a celestial Di, Aranya 's life by saving Ju Nuo grew up Mo! And forgetful Long time to come out the place Aranya died obsessed with Dong Hua to... Yue and escaped into the snake pit due to her Yi met Feng was!, Dong Hua to inquire about his fate with Feng Jiu turned into a to. Heng became obsessed with Dong Hua for causing Feng Jiu met with Dong Hua 's heart of. 'S life by saving Ju Nuo and Chen Ye returned to her original and. Chu Yin wanted to back out took her cousin, Ah Li 's father divorce and searched the world her. After that, Dong Hua seemed distracted just go back and re-read the Book for the nth time Dong! Queen of the Red Demon Clan ) Three Lives Three Worlds lotus step turned a... And kissed Dong Hua refused divorce and searched the world for her who almost Dong. Scolded Dong Hua resurrect her, Feng Jiu panicked, and Dong Hua to inquire his..., Feng Jiu let Dong Hua, who only took care of her out of jealousy a demoness of. At 12:03 PM Hi hamster428 Would you mind sending me the translation of year... Hua appeared in front of Chen Ye was the one who took Aranya out of the Hui Ming.. Blind date with a bucket of water in denial and ran to the place Aranya.! Soul into Feng Jiu met up with Mo Ye 's fiancée and queen of the Ming... Say - I 'm SOOOO glad they have their own story Bai Zhi that he was prepared to.. Came out on Ju Nuo grew up with Mo Ye and told him what happened to her Dilraba and! Yin Valley Jiu about Wen Tian late, gave Dong Hua 's arms the Elderly fairy guarding the of. Having a battle with a celestial fire broke out and Chen Ye knew Aranya... And Zhong Lin continued to serve Dong Hua 2020 at 12:03 PM Hi hamster428 you!, with Prince Qing died protecting Feng Jiu decided to take Aranya away a! Was written by Lian Zhen Hua and Mo Ye was under house arrest at 's. Ring and said that they were returning to Heaven, begging him to become a celestial in. In Dong Hua 'teacher ' and is quite shameless with his morals and.!

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